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3127 Glendale Blvd, Unit C

Los Angeles, CA 90039

Meet the Founders

Rheena Mae and Heidi are often called “gangsta doulas” because they seem to intuitively know how to guide women entrepreneurs in delivering their dreams with as much ease, joy and integrity as possible.  But, really they're just two friends - aka "Panda" - who accept and celebrate each other's unique gifts and who share a dream to live, work and play inside their personal zone of genius everyday.

Through their podcast, We Think Collective, they're embarking on a journey of self-discovery, expanding feminine leadership and developing a new paradigm of success for themselves as they explore and imagine a future balanced and THRIVING society.

Rheena Mae is a feelings person, she wants to know what makes you happy, if you’re kind and what your gift is. She’s a woman with a dream. Her dream is to live and play  inside her dreams everyday where in essence they aren’t really dreams anymore. It’s her life. That’s what makes her happy.

Rheena’s kindness shows in many ways but most people see how she infuses her light into MaeMae Jewelry, the company she started 7 years ago…now in over 400 spas and retail accounts across the country.

As co-host of the We Think Collective Podcast, she continues to share her feelings and ask the big questions. Her title in all of her companies is Chief Believer in your Dreams - because that’s her favorite talent.  So if you have a dream...she wants to dream with you.

Heidi is a small town girl with a big vision and a bold curiosity who loves connecting people and dots. 

Her mind moves fast and her mouth follows suit, but she's driven by purpose and deeply rooted in Heart and Spirit.  

She is a freestyle rap enthusiast, real estate & business investor, foodie extraordinaire, MaeMae Jewelry Marketing Maeven and overall lover of life.

She believes true mastery is to "Do Being Me" for a living, and went through hell and back in corporate America before discovering what it takes to truly live that way.    

As a co-host of We Think Collective's Podcast, she bares her heart, opens her big mouth (and sticks her foot in it half the time) and seeks out wisdom to release old paradigms around Energy, Success and Feminine Power.

To inquire about booking Rheena & Heidi for speaking engagements or press interviews, please email: